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FSJ Special Issue: The Fashion Industry

 Academic studies of fashion and dress are often held apart from the industry in which fashion is produced and consumed. Moreover, academic studies of fashion tend to favor fashion as a creative terrain, rather than a commercial one, and as such, tend to take a negative or overly critical view of the business of fashion. While there certainly is much to be critiqued (from labor exploitation to sustainability and beyond), without the industry, there would be very little for us to study!

At The Fashion Studies Journal, we’ve always been interested in bridging gaps between theory and practice on the one hand, and academia and business on the other. In a special issue we’re launching this fall, however, we’re going to look even more closely at these intersections through essays, reflections, visual and multimedia pieces, and anything else you can dream up about The Industry. 

Do you have a unique take on the experience of working in the fashion business? Has your research brought you insights into its global nature or the peculiarities of the supply chain? Can you tell an off-the-beaten path tale of finding success or meaning amid the industry’s demands? Thoughts on how creativity lives or dies under pressure or restriction? Evidence of changing practices with respect to diverse representations (or a lack thereof)? Predictions about the future of fashion production? Perspectives on trade shows and the less glamorous side of how the industry runs? Behind-the-scenes how-the-sausage-is-made intrigue? We guarantee anonymity if requested!

While we always encourage honesty, we’d like to balance the typical (and necessary) critiques of the industry as a problem with some evidence of the good that exists within it. It can’t be all bad, can it? You tell us!

We’re looking for pitches OR finished papers to be submitted by September 30, 2017. If submitting a pitch, please provide a link or writing sample that accurately represents your work. Send all submissions and inquiries to

While we recommend looking at our past issues to get a sense of our tone and style, please don’t be overly concerned with fitting your pitch into one of our usual columns or sections. For the Special Issue, we may sort content differently and will accept submissions based on interest rather than applicability to our standard categories.

We regret that FSJ is not yet able to offer compensation to writers who publish with us. It remains our most treasured goal and motivator!