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The FSJ Calendar: What's On for February

The FSJ Calendar: What's On for February

This month’s checklist of exhibitions and talks all seem threaded together by some noticeable themes: geopolitics, visibility and revolution through making. Wherever you stand politically, our fashion-minded community is confronted with upcoming events that will encourage us to challenge the status quo of representation and harness the potential of craft and academic research when it comes to understanding the global, interconnected landscape in which we are immersed. For those of you particularly concerned with making your voice heard in the academic realm, we've put together a complementary calendar, “Calls for Papers”. Here, you can stay on top of the latest calls for papers and conferences from around the world. And as we gear up for an increasingly political new month, here's a checklist of what's on in February to get you on your way:

  1. Monday, February 6th: Today, the Museum at FIT's acclaimed exhibition, "Black Fashion Designers", will host a one-day symposium, bringing together scholars, designers, photographers, models and everyone in between who hold a stake in the contributions and progress of the black fashion designer. This event is sold out, but you can catch the livestream through the Museum at FIT's website.

  2. Tuesday, February 7th: What does U.S. President Donald Trump have to do with fashion? Reserve your ticket to listen to (and engage with) a panel of leaders from ten local organizations who will outline the impact that Trump's new immigration policy will have on apparel manufacturing as well as women's rights.

  3. Thursday, February 9th through the 17th: Let's not forget about the most influential fashion event of February (because where would many of us be without "fashion"?). Check out the schedule of designers showing at New York Fashion Week here.

  4. Friday, February 10th: A curator and peer we secretly admire from afar, Colleen Hill brings us yet another thoughtful exhibition that deepens our knowledge and appreciation of fashion history. If you are a fan of French style and the 1960s, then "Paris Refashioned: 1957-1968" is definitely for you.

  5. Sunday, February 12th:  "A Walk of Art" is perhaps one of the most unique fashion exhibitions we've seen in recent years, as curator and scholar Ya'ara Keydar brings visibility to the innovative footwear designers coming out of Israel's Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design. Ya'ara's work has enjoyed a great deal of coverage, from Buzzfeed to Harper's Bazaar, and Sunday the 12th will be your final chance to check it out before these shoes get ta steppin'.

  6. Sunday, February 12th: Also closing on the 12th, the exhibition "Anatomy of a Collection" in Paris delivers a pedagogical approach that not only organizes what we wore, but who exactly was wearing it.  

  7. Wednesday, February 15th: As "rogue" becomes a term more revered than reviled, the Lower East Side-based Con Artist Collective holds a space that produces community-generated events, supporting local artists who enjoy uncensored creative expression. On February 15th, the collective will host an opening reception for "Wearables" , which showcases wearable art. 

  8. Thursday, February 16th: The afternoon symposium, "The International Politics of Fashion", was developed from researcher Andrea Benkhe's book, The International Politics of Fashion: Being Fab in a Dangerous World. In response, The New School will engage its cohort of resident scholars (Dr. Hazel Clark and Otto von Busch among others) in a series of conversations about fashion's political expressions.

  9. Friday, February 17th: A fashion culture glaringly underrepresented in today's museums, the National Museum of the American Indian debuts an extensive exhibition, "Native Fashion Now", celebrating the artistry of Native American style pioneers and contemporary designers. 

  10. Sunday, February 26th: This will be your final chance to check out the works of artists Doreen Garner and Keisha Scarville, as their collaborative exhibition, "Surrogate Skin: The Biology of Objects", recalls and attempts to reconcile the exploitation and misrepresentation of black women's bodies.

Do you know of an event that should be added to our calendar? We want to hear from you! Send your recommendations to Also, stay tuned for an upcoming schedule of FSJ-hosted events. We'll see you soon.

Kim Jenkins

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