Writing Fashion: Celebrating 50 Years of the Costume Journal

Friday, June 30th-Monday, July 3rd (London, UK)

2017 marks half a century since the first publication of Costume, the journal of the UK Costume Society and the first conference held by the Society. It was also the year in which two classic texts - Roland Barthes’ The Fashion System and Francois Boucher’s History of Costume in the West - exploring dress were published. What was termed costume has developed through dress history to the new growing academic discipline of Fashion Studies. In 2017 dress and fashion, history is big business, regularly the subject of blockbuster museum exhibitions and a desirable field of enquiry for academics from a multitude of disciplines. The Costume Society is marking this golden anniversary milestone for Costume by exploring the topic of writing on dress and fashion history for its 2017 annual conference, Writing Fashion.

The full conference schedule and booking information can be found here.