Fashion & Justice

Fashion forms part of a society’s rich tapestry and can serve as an entry point into contemplating how marginalized and racialized communities understand themselves and their place in the world. FASHION & JUSTICE is a daylong workshop that examines the role of fashion in challenging inequality through sartorial ingenuity. The workshop will include an analysis of artwork and artistic projects, partial film screenings, review of relevant literature, conversations with guest speakers, and a look at contemporary designers, artists, journalists, curators, photographers, and academics who explore the fashion system with a critical lens. Participants will leave the workshop with a #fashionandjustice syllabus equipping them with tools to better understand how fashion has been harnessed by marginalized communities to negotiate the complexities of power and visibility (and the lack thereof). The tuition for this workshop is $50.

The seminar will include guest speakers Elizabeth Way and Darío Calmese. Elizabeth Way is an assistant curator at the FIT Museum where she was instrumental in curating the Black Designers Symposium. Darío Calmese is not only an accomplished photographer and creative consultant, he has written for The Huffington PostThe Daily Beast, and a number of other media outlets.

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