For What It's Worth

In spite of all of the technological and mechanical developments in digital pattern cutting, weaving, and printing, the manufacturing of clothes is still an industry much dependent on the hands of the makers. For them, the shortening of seasons is a hard task to follow. 

Purity or Promiscuity?

I could verify that the “encounter” with hair can provoke contradictory reactions. Once separated from its owner, it is able to attract or repel us, as the abject. The abject disrupts our established rational order of things.

PYHÄVAATTEITA (Sunday Clothes)

During my mother's childhood, it was common to have a small, special wardrobe of Sunday clothes (Pyhävaatteita in Finnish). Gradually, after wearing them out, Sunday clothes became ordinary, everyday clothes. This process through which garments go from being sacred to mundane beautifully represents the long lifecycle of garments. Nowadays we don’t wear Sunday clothes anymore; however, we should still try to see that same practical dignity in all of our garments.

Model Maker

“You’ll be happy to hear that you’re not dead,” said Simon as he pressed a cool towel to my forehead. I was lying on the concrete floor of my studio. I felt weak — my body had just failed me. I had fainted in the middle of making a full-scale cast impression of my body that would become my own, highly personal, dress form.