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Fashions and Embodiment

The Fashions and Embodiment Workshop invites participants to explore the relationship between fashion and movement through the acts of wearing and repairing. Using existing garments, the workshop will activate the tacit knowledge we each employ in the daily act of dressing and tending to our clothes. This practice-led approach aims to draw attention to the very complex reality of fashion production.

Model Maker

I am a sculptor who uses a range of processes: glassblowing, printing, casting, welding, and sewing among others. In each of these practices, my body is my most valuable tool — it is the way I make, the way I see, the way I interact with the world. My body can do anything I ask it to do — I am proud of my body. But a dress form is no ordinary tool: to turn the malleable female form into a rigid object would transform it into a sculpture — and quite a classical sculpture at that.