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Purity or Promiscuity?

The artistic research Purity or Promiscuity? Exploring Hair as a Raw Material in Jewellery and Art, explores the potential of hair to produce contradictory meanings when used as the main material in jewellery and art.  Many of the creative works developed show the ambiguities and the contradictions present in hair as well as in life. With the research, my aim was also to try to answer some of the questions that arose through my practice, such as:

Model Maker

I am a sculptor who uses a range of processes: glassblowing, printing, casting, welding, and sewing among others. In each of these practices, my body is my most valuable tool — it is the way I make, the way I see, the way I interact with the world. My body can do anything I ask it to do — I am proud of my body. But a dress form is no ordinary tool: to turn the malleable female form into a rigid object would transform it into a sculpture — and quite a classical sculpture at that.