Talking Shop: Swimwear Designer Maayan Sherris

Realizing the diversity of women's body types, I wanted to research a different type of women to design for. I fell in love with the women's swim team at Columbia University, I interviewed them, followed them around with a camera, and I soon realized how beautiful it was to look at from a fashion perspective. With the Columbia swim team, I came to envision a way to do something different.

Zandra Rhodes’ Approach to “Egyptian” Opera

Zandra Rhodes began her professional career in the 1960s, designing textiles for Heal’s (famous 200-year-old furnishing store in London). However, her proudest achievement to date is designing for opera—something very few fashion designers accomplish. Why is that? What is so appealing about designing for opera? What is challenging about it?

Fabiola Jean-Louis

As you walk around the space, you’re surrounded by a constellation of work, from photographed portraits to what Fabiola is most well-known for: elaborate paper dresses. Easily mistaken for fabric garments, it’s the uncanniness of Fabiola’s paper dresses that attests to her appreciation for fashion history.

Anna Luisa Petrisko of JEEPNEYS

Otherworldly, futuristic, ancestrally familiar, avant-garde. It’s hard to find words that fully grasp the experience that is JEEPNEYS, a name once used for multidisciplinary artist Anna Luisa Petrisko and more recently to include research-based collaborative works.