Fashion in Pedagogy: An FSA Workshop

The Fashion Studies Alliance was curious to know more about our community’s experiences as fashion studies educators, both within dedicated fashion programs, and especially, outside of them. We sought to question current practices and discuss how educators address and/or incorporate fashion into their teaching. Our goal was to work through existing challenges and propose active strategies to resolve them.

Exhibition Review: Fashioned from Nature

The exhibition comprises 300 objects and spans a comprehensive timescale, from the 1600s to the present day. Arranged chronologically across two floors, the first part of the exhibition charts the relationship between fashion and industrialization, highlighting the use of nature both as a source of inspiration and exploitation.

Book Review: When Études Become Form

An extension of the way Études muses on the significance of banal objects and cultural phenomena when they are taken out of context, When Études Become Form is a phenomenological study of Études itself, incorporating interviews with collaborative artists and process-intensive works which expound on the nature of close study.

Exhibition Review: Margiela the Hermes Years

The exhibition argues that a singular DNA weaves its way through these two branches of Margiela’s creative career, reconciling the apparent disjuncture between Margiela’s identity as a rebel against the fashion system and a designer for one of French fashion’s most patrimonial houses.