Write with Us!

As we are inundated with countless content channels dedicated to fashion, The Fashion Studies Journal (FSJ) is a platform for the global fashion studies community to share and discuss news in fashion both encouraging and disturbing, dive deep into our private fashion passions and peeves whether timely or idiosyncratic, celebrate the work of our peers and mentors in the field, and keep asking the big questions of ‘how?’ and ‘WHYYY??’ in hopes that our readers will find our point of view fresh, engaging, and intellectually nourishing. More than another fashion magazine, blog, or website, we are here to cultivate new ways of thinking about–and being involved in–the system of fashion, and we are especially eager to carve out a space for new voices to speak about how fashion is taught, researched, conceptualized and preserved.

This is where you come in!

We are always looking for new content, and we want ideas from you that touch upon all (or none!) of these elements. We want you to dig deep and break the mold of everyday fashion criticism and reportage, and to disturb the canons of traditional academic writing. 

Please send us pitches of no more than 100 words to info@fashionstudiesjournal.org, or via the form below, and we’ll get back to you shortly thereafter and help you to evolve your ideas, or, conversely, to give you the green light to write for a forthcoming issue.

Think this all sounds great but you’re feeling uninspired? Here are some possible topics and content areas to get those mind gears turning, as well as to give you a better idea of what we’re all about:

  • Fashion exhibition reviews;

  • Book reviews (academic texts, magazines, memoirs, biographies, etc.);

  • Topic based reading lists (either academic...or not!);

  • Interviews and roundtable discussions;

  • Critical think pieces (sustainability, diversity, feminism, etc.);

  • Fashion criticism (of recent, or even of old or “vintage” shows);

  • Timely news coverage from a researched perspective (this will be a frequent editorial feature);

  • Reviews of new stores or online retailers;

  • Biographical or auto-ethnographic pieces (think Women in Clothes);

  • Short profiles/Interviews;

  • Fashion projects (for our practitioners in the field);

  • And long-form content (research in progress, investigations, and career-building articles).

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