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The Fashion Depiction Manifesto

The Fashion Depiction Manifesto

Editor's Note: When Gonzalo reached out to us with his rich portfolio of fashion industry-related poetry, the timing couldn't have been more serendipitous since we were just beginning to sketch out the content for this issue. As much as we loved (loved!) what we read, we weren't sure how to go about presenting Gonzalo's work — that is, until our editor-at-large, Laura, in a true stroke of genius, suggested that we place his poems throughout the issue like they do in The New Yorker. Below, you'll find Gonzalo's "Fashion Depiction Manifesto" — a piece of writing that kind of lays the ideological foundation for the rest of his work — along with some of his video work.

As you work your way through this issue, however, we encourage you to spend some time with his poems, which are sprinkled throughout. 

The Fashion Depiction Manifesto

1.     We must foster a critical point of view towards the fashion industry.

2.     We believe in the variability of language. [1] All posts shall be an outcome of experimental clash between written and audio-visual texts.

3.     More Amish than techies, we must dodge the limits of applications and digital platforms. Stubborn, [2] we will never take the easy way.

4.     We believe in sustainability and the metamorphosis of meanings. We muse re-use the written and audio-visual material over and over again; squeezing their significant potentiality until there’s no new meaning left.

5.     Our posts must invite those who advocate for a change in fashion communication. We must interact with our audience and foster collaborations with them.

6.     The mobile must be our main tool and humor our favorite tone.

7.     We must never forget that: New narratives equals critical approach X-ray plus curly bracket text square root audio square plus visual square plus text square root written square minus parenthesis hegemonic journalism plus linear message over common sense.


Press de button, slide, and prepare to read between the lines.



[1] Reciting, writing, acting, singing, playing, reading, collaging, Skyping, Whatsapping, Facetiming, and tindering the incidents and paradoxes of fashion.

[2] We actually prefer to be called “digital craftsmen.”

"Prepare to Read Between the Lines" by Gonzalo Mases.

"The Browsing" by Gonzalo Mases.

"On the Global Market Momentum" by Gonzalo Mases.